Martensitická transformace tenkých vrstev


In this experimentally oriented project we will gain new knowledge about the physical origin and nature of martensitic transformations (MT) in thin magnetic films based on doped Heusler compounds prepared by sputtering. In the context of magneto-elastic and magneto-caloric effects the emphasis will be on newly prepared materials with i) suitable modulated martensitic structure, ii) tuneable temperature of ferromagnetic and martensitic transformations in a range suitable for potential applications, iii) high mobility of twinning boundaries, iv) low temperature hysteresis of MT. We will describe in detail the electronic structure of these new compounds in order to identify conditions leading to MT and to clarify the physical mechanisms linking ferroelastic and ferromagnetic ordering. Moreover, we expect that MT in thin films and especially in layered structures will be modified. Their physical properties can be influenced by mutually-induced stresses between the layers via the active and passive materials interfaces.