Computing Center manages computing clusters, storage servers and some other IT devices in the main server room at FZU.


Computing Center operates relatively large computing and storage capacities mostly located in the big server room in the FZU building Na Slovance. The most important parameters of the server room:

  • area 62 m^2
  • UPS: 1X250 kVA, 2X100 kVA, total: 400 kVA
  • diesel generator 350 kVA  to backup the bigger UPS and cooling units
  • 108 kW air conditioning 
  • 144 kW water cooling capacity

The computing capacity is provided by several systems. Cluster Golias is composed of several subclusters of the same servers. Differences between subclusters are due to  gradual partial hardware update. Cluster Golias is connected to international grid infrastructures WLCG, OSG and EGI, but is available also for local users. LUNA2019 cluster is partially shared with other Czech academic users via CESNET MetaCentrum project.

Operational issues are reported to users via facebook and Twiki pages, where we also host user documentation