Laboratory for astroparticle physics


The laboratory has been established to cater for the experimental needs of experiments, which are in the scope of interest of the Department of astroparticle physics.


The main focus of the laboratory at the present time is on the upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory Surface detector, namely the testing of the new electronics modules.The laboratory is performing the Environmental stress screening of the modules in the full EPA environment.

Second part of the laboratory is  dark room fully equipped for testing of photomultipliers, SiPMs and other components, which are used by astroparticle experiments, such as PAO, CTA, SWGO, GRAND.

Fotonásobič v temné místnosti

Fotonásobič v temné místnosti

Third part of the laboratory is a Cosmo room. This is a remote control room used for operation of the Fluorescence detector in Argentina.