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Research in high magnetic fields at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Thursday, 15.02.2018 14:00

Speakers: Denis Gorbunov
Place: Main Hall, FZÚ AV ČR, Pod vodárenskou věží 1, Praha 8
Organisers: Department of Magnetic Measurements and Materials
Magnetic field is an indispensable tool in condensed matter physics. Application of high magnetic fields allows the investigation, modification, and control of different states of matter. Specifically for magnetic materials experimental tools applied in such fields are essential for understanding their fundamental properties. Here, we will present the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory, a user facility dedicated to research in high pulsed magnetic fields. A broad range of experimental techniques has been developed both for user and in-house research. Some of the most demanded techniques for measurements in high fields - magnetization, ultrasound, and magnetostriction - will be presented in more detail.