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FZU is the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and our scientists are achieving worldwide success in a wide range of physical sciences - from elementary particles to laser physics. We work with schools, students, industry and the public sphere. Read about our latest research and look up events where you can meet us.

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Dozens of Neighbours Came to Different Cukrovarnická Experience


Michael Londesborough's borane show and Martin Ledinsky's non-Newtonian fluid has become, without precedent, the biggest hit of this year's neighbourhood festival called The Different City Experience. In addition to science popularization presentations, participants could sew a bag, play ping-pong or watch an evening laser show.

Scientists have found a new strategy for the synthesis of polymers unavailable so far


In the Nature Communications, Czech scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from Spain introduced a new type of polymers which have been unavailable by means of traditional methods applied so far. This polymer type could play an important part in the design of new components for nanoelectronics, such as new displays. At the same time, the researchers proved that molecular vibrations significantly influence the course of reactions on solid surfaces and can be used for purposive synthesis of conductive polymers. 


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About the Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institution that contributes basic and applied research in the field of physics to new revolutionary discoveries and innovations, helps in the education of students and makes physics accessible to the public.


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