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FZU is the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and our scientists are achieving worldwide success in a wide range of physical sciences - from elementary particles to laser physics. We work with schools, students, industry and the public sphere. Read about our latest research and look up events where you can meet us.

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Ukrainian scientist: teaching physics can be fun, even if you don't speak Czech


Nataliya Kazachková lost both her university office and home. The bombing of Kharkiv turned her life upside down, but the tenacious scientist did not give up. Together with her parents and younger daughter she managed to leave Ukraine, and thanks to the programme of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic “Researchers at Risk Fellowships - Ukraine”, since April she has been working at the Institute of Physics.

First Cherenkov Telescopes in Czechia


Unique Cherenkov telescopes have successfully been installed at the Ondřejov Observatory near Prague. There are two telescopes at the site, which are now the largest optical telescopes in the Czech Republic. They have been developed in the frame of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory, and evaluated as performing telescopes in the high energy region above 1 TeV.

The Optics Division were betting on interdisciplinary research and time proved them right – everything has come together to run like a well-oiled machine


“We had the opportunity to invest time into interdisciplinary research, knowing that if everything works according to plan, we‘ll rank among the best. But an overarching element of our research remains to be optics – we’ve never run away from it,” says Alexandr Dejneka, the Optics Division Head, in an interview. 

1300+ employees

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Pracovník FZU při práci s experimentální aparaturou

Most sought-after research themes

  1. LNSM – Laboratory of spintronics
  2. Nonlinear Optics in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  3. Laser irradiation and cellular responses
  4. Laser and optical technologies
  5. The silicon thin films thickness imaging using photoluminescence spectroscopy

Most sought-after projects

  1. Advanced experimental research of plasma discharge sources used for the preparation of nanostructured thin films
  2. Quantum noise suppression using quantum coupling of photon pairs
  3. Skutterudite superlattices for thermoelectric applications
  4. Nucleation of diamond on strongly curved surfaces of PLGA-based nanofibers
  5. Nové elektroforetické přístupy k monitorování hladin neurotransmiterů bolesti v mozku vyšších živočichů

About the Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institution that contributes basic and applied research in the field of physics to new revolutionary discoveries and innovations, helps in the education of students and makes physics accessible to the public.


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