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FZU is the largest institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and our scientists are achieving worldwide success in a wide range of physical sciences - from elementary particles to laser physics. We work with schools, students, industry and the public sphere. Read about our latest research and look up events where you can meet us.

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DNA nanostructures as new carriers for subcellular targeting


Targeted drug delivery is a topic of interest to scientists around the world. A new contribution to this area has now been made by researchers from the Laboratory of Biophysics led by Oleg Lunov from the Division of Optics. The group was exploring biological properties and the efficiency of cellular delivery using DNA nanostructures (DN). 

Parisi’s revolutionary solution has taken thirty years to be recognized. Now he has been awarded the Nobel Prize


The Nobel Committee has decided to award this year's Nobel Prize for pioneering contributions to the general understanding of complex systems. Half of the prize went to prof. Giorgi Parisi of La Sapienza University in Rome for his discovery of the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from atomic to planetary scales.

Neuron Prizes: Václav Petříček and Prokop Hapala among the ten awarded


On September 28, the Neuron Endowment Fund awarded two leading scientists of the Institute of Physics. In the Pantheon of the National Museum, Václav Petříček received the highest prize awarded, Neuron Prize for Contribution to World Science, and Prokop Hapala was ranked by the Neuron Board among seven promising young scientists awarded.


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The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institution that contributes basic and applied research in the field of physics to new revolutionary discoveries and innovations, helps in the education of students and makes physics accessible to the public.


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