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Prof. I. A. Savin at the Institute of Physics

Professor Igor A. Savin, outstanding Russian physicist, visited Prague. On 26th May 2011 he was awarded 1st degree Medal of the Czech Physical Society in the Institute of Physics ASCR. During the ceremony I.A. Savin presented seminar concerning his collaboration with the Czech physicists at high energy experiments in Dubna, Serpukhov and CERN. The collaboration started in Dubna at the beginning of the year 1964 and prolonged in Serpukhov in the year 1969.

The first common Dubna-CERN experiment, with the Czech physicists participation, was NA-4 at the CERN accelerator in the years 1975-90. Prof. Savin was the leader of the Dubna group in this experiment. The NA-4 experiment studied the proton and neutron structure functions with high accuracy and these measurements are frequently cited. Prof. Savin headed the Dubna group also in another significant CERN experiment NA-47, studying the spin structure functions of nucleons. The activities of Prof. Savin were summarized by Jaroslav Cvach at the beginning of the seminar.

Prof. Savin presented the medal by Alice Valkárová, head of the Czech Physical Society. He collaborated with many of the Czech physicists, some of them participated in this meeting. At the end of the meeting Jan Hladký addressed Prof. Savin on behalf of his Czech collaborators and gave him the journal Československý časopis pro fyziku containing his article about the scientific career of Prof. Savin.

The details in: Jan Hladký, Čs. čas. fyz. 61 (2011), 127