Poster printing rules


How to ask for poster printing

The request for printing is possible to send via email vokroj [at] fzu [dot] cz or plotr [at] fzu [dot] cz and send the file(s) as an attachement. In case the poster is too big and it´s impossible to send it through email, there is a possibility to bring a poster on a flashdisk till 15:00 PM (library office door No. 311 on the 3rd floor).

Format of the poster

The format of the poster is PDF or pptx or ppt (the new and the older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint file). Before saving the file it is recommended to group all objects to the only one.

Technical specifications

There are necessary these technical specifications for the poster printing:

  1. The size of the poster (A0, A1…..) It´s recommended to create the poster in size which you want to be printed otherwise there could be complications in printing.
  2. Type of the paper (coated pape, photo paper, high gloss photo or canvas).
  3. Order number (grant), which from the print will be payed.
  4. Name of the applicant, or his/her superior.

Printing prices

Printing prices are available on this web page.