Optical Affinity Biosensors and Beyond


Lecture series at FZU by Jakub Dostalek, Ph.D. (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology) on Optical Affinity Biosensors.


Jakub Dostalek holds a senior scientist position at AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and he is a lecturer at the University of Natural resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. He is interested in combined aspects of nanophotonics and materials research applied in optical sensors, biosensors, and light management in thin-film optical devices. Particular focus is given to polymer-based bio-interfaces and plasmonic nanostructures for amplified optical spectroscopy-based rapid and sensitive detection of chemical and biological species relevant to medical diagnostics.


Optical Affinity Biosensors vol. 1

Optical Affinity Biosensors vol. 2

Optical Affinity Biosensors vol. 3

Optical Affinity Biosensors vol. 4