Researcher's Night


At the turn of September and October the public gets a unique opportunity to penetrate the otherwise inaccessible premises of scientific institutes and laboratories. Also, the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences invites all those interested for excursions to the facilities Na Slovance, in Cukrovarnická in Střešovice and in Dolní Břežany to experience the unique atmosphere of the night hours and to get to know the people who live for science.


You can see laboratories where top-class science is being performed with your own eyes. We have prepared tours with experiments into our laboratories which are suitable for families with children, interactive exhibits and workshops for older ones, lectures and discussions with scientists for general public or specialized programme for university students.

This year’s Researcher’s Night will welcome you on 25/ 09/ 2020. A detailed programme will be published on this web site at the beginning of September and the reservation will be available at Participation in all the events is free of charge, but due to the space capacities the number of places is limited and we strongly recommend reservation.

Detailed information about the Researcher’s Night is available at the national website; national facebook at: The programme of the last Researcher’s Night at the Institute of Physics is available here.