Other events


The Institute of Physics presents its activities and popularizes physics at a number of other opportunities and events. We organize lectures for the public, attend festivals, celebrate significant anniversaries. A few selected examples.


Every year in September we participate, along with other institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a number of other interesting exhibitors, in the Science Festival organised by the Czech Technical University. A popular event in the open offers a lot of interactive entertainment and interviews with scientists for school groups and general public. Since 2019, the FZU presents only one of its six scientific divisions every year and thus visitors can get to know the particular field in depth.

In honour of the launch of the first laser by Theodor Maiman, the May 16 has been declared the International Day of Light. At this occasion HiLASE and ELI Beamlines centres in Dolní Břežany prepare an attractive programme for children and adult visitors consisting of commented tours, workshops, logical games and light installations. Read the information about the last year’s event.

In the autumn 2019 FZU facility in Cukrovarnická has taken part in neighbour festival called Zažít město jinak. We have demonstrated physical experiments with liquid nitrogen and a cloud chamber not only to our neighbours. Also, the premises of the institute, originally built for a Sugar Research Institute, were partly accessible. Visitors could take a stroll through a newly reconstructed garden, do some sport or see the architecturally distinctive interiors of the building.