New type of dimers composed of bent-core molecules connected through their central cores


We have synthesized and characterized mesomorphic behaviour of a new type of bent-core dimers in which bent-core molecules are connected core-to-core via the alkoxy chain. Interestingly, despite short linkage connecting the mesogenic cores, which should stiffen the molecular structure, the liquid crystalline properties characteristic for bent-core mesogens have been observed. Dimers are more stable in comparison with analogous monomers and the type of mesophases strictly depends on the length of the terminal chains. The shortest studied homologues formed the intercalated smectic A phase, For the dimers with intermediate terminal chains, the columnar phase appears, built of small layer fragments arranged into body centred 2-dimensional crystallographic lattice. The longest homologues exhibit the SmCP phase with antiferroelectric type of switching in the applied electric field.


Chemical formula (top central) and electro-optical behaviour in the planar texture without applied electric field (left) and under electric field (right).