My main research interest is theory of quantum many body systems out of equilibrium. The aim of my efforts is a better understanding of quantum phenomena in (mainly condensed matter) systems, generally out of equilibrium, like transients or steady state transport of electrons, their dependence on initial conditions, time dependent external fields, interactions, and details of studied systems. To find a proper description of systems out of equilibrium I am using mainly Non-equilibrium Green’s function method and variants of the Generalized Kadanoff-Baym ansatz to reach simplified descriptions. Currently I am working with my collaborators on better understanding of limits of this approach to quantum transport theory and on developing and testing approximations which are well suited for the descriptions of open quantum systems. As models, on which simplified quantum transport theory is tested, we are using various nanoscopic systems formed by molecular bridges (represented e.g. by an Anderson type center) between magnetically polarized leads far from equilibrium. I am also using my experiences in studies of biological systems as well as thermal properties of matter.

ORCID 0000-0002-2557-9659