I am involved in theoretical research on electronic structure of solid. More specifically, in ab-initio calculations of electronic and magnetic structure of solids, layers and clusters and in calculations of their x-ray absorption and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectra. Most of my calculations were done using a real-space multiple-scattering or KKR method. However, I have got some first-hand experience with plane-wave calculations and second-hand experience with FLAPW calculations, too.

Areas of recent research interest include:

*) Local aspects of the electronic structure of solids - links between real and electronic structure.

*) X-ray absorption spectroscopy of solids in the near-edge region (XANES a.k.a. NEXAFS). Especially I like to deal with low-dimensional and non-crystalline systems. Magnetic and non-magnetic alike.

*) Exchange coupling, spin wave stiffness, and magnetocrystalline anisotropy of solids.

*) Magnetotransport: anomalous Hall effect, anomalous spin Hall effect. Especially as concerns effect of disorder and of finite temperature.

*) Materials for light emitting diods: influence of disorder and of finite temperature on electronic states.

More details about me and my activities can be found at and links available from there.

ORCID 0000-0003-4669-5402