I use theoretical methods to study non-equilibrium systems in different fields including structural and magnetic properties of surface nanostructures, epitaxial growth on metal as well as on semiconductor surfaces, pulsed laser deposition, surface phase transitions, multi-scale simulations of surface growth, properties of random networks, or transport of particles in quasi one-dimensional structures.

In general, I am interested in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and in methodology of numerical simulations. I utilize the following methods: thermodynamic as well as kinetic Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics simulations, rate equations, cellular automata.

I have been working on several topics:

  • calculation of diffusion barriers on Pt/Pt(111), Pt/Pt(111) and Rh/Rh(111),
  • determination of scaling exponents for kinetic roughening in growth models with epitaxy,
  • study of an interplay between kinetic roughening and phase ordering,
  • modeling of surface nanostructures for Ag islands on Si(111)-(7×7),
  • study of dynamics of growth in systems with impurities,
  • study of ordering during growth of two-component materials,
  • investigation of particle transport in narrow channels by a stochastic model.

ORCID 0000-0001-8273-1402

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