Thanks to Czech scientists, ecological production of photovoltaic systems in Europe is within striking distance


Thanks to the PILATUS project, there will be three pilot lines built in Europe by 2025, covering the entire production cycle of innovative silicon solar panels. Special technologies with contacts on the bottom side will allow solar cells to convert energy with efficiency higher than 26%. In the production of this photovoltaic "Ferrari", the experts also want to minimize its CO2 footprint. In the project, a team from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Martin Ledinský will be involved as well.

Invitation to the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences at the FZU


In 2022, the Institute of Physics will also be joining the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is an event organised by the Czech Academy of Sciences and focused on public understanding of science. As every year, the FZU will be holding an Open Doors Day as part of the Week, and is preparing a number of interesting talks and visits to laboratories covering a lot of interesting topics – from research of the universe and biophysics to lasers.

The Week of the Academy will take place from 1 to 5 November 2022

Detailed schedule of visits and talks





Dozens of Neighbours Came to Different Cukrovarnická Experience


Michael Londesborough's borane show and Martin Ledinsky's non-Newtonian fluid has become, without precedent, the biggest hit of this year's neighbourhood festival called The Different City Experience. In addition to science popularization presentations, participants could sew a bag, play ping-pong or watch an evening laser show.