Dr. Kaštil works at the Institute of physic AVCR from the year 2011 and is focused mainly on the study of magnetic properties of intermetallic compounds in extreme conditions. Dr. Kaštil is presently head of the laboratory of Physics at extreme conditions, where the effect of extreme conditions particularly the effect of high pressure on the magnetic and transport properties of metallic compounds are studied. In present time he is working on the investigation of unusual magnetic, structural and transport properties of compounds based on Ni2MnSn which show magneto-structural transition with high sensitivity to application of external pressure. Ni2MnSn based compounds are interesting due to several magnetic and structural phase transition accompanied by significant changes in physical properties. The objective of the project is understanding unusual behaviour of electrical resistivity, anomalous Hall effect and magnetization of the compounds.

Research Areas

  • High pressure physics
  • Magnetic behaviour of intermetallic compounds

ORCID 0000-0001-6875-1490
ResearcherID G-6719-2014