As a scientist I work in the field of experimental neutrino science, to which I moved from R&D research in calorimetry for future linear accelerator (CALICE).

As a young physicist I played a key position in building Czech participation in just starting neutrino experiment NOvA at the Fermi national accelerator laboratory near Chicago, IL, where, in 2012, I successfully applied for the International Fellowship as a Guest Scientist.

Since 2016, I have been leading a consortium of Czech institutions participating in the new international neutrino mega project DUNE based in Fermilab and CERN. Our participation in the project is mainly established within the Photodetection consortium, where I am the representative on the Project Management Board for the Czech side. The main objectives in this project are to measure the characteristics of the SIPM photosensor in the Photodetection and cryogenic laboratory in Prague, which we are currently upgrading for massive QA/QC measurements, with possible application potential outside our projects. For this motivation, at the level of physics analysis, I am leaning towards the measurement of neutrino oscillations and the detection of neutrinos in general (such as those from supernova explosions) with the potential use of a photodetection system to improve the efficiency of neutrino detection and optimize the measurement of low-energy neutrinos in the DUNE experiment.

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