Development of special technologies for x-ray synchrotron radiation monochromators


Development and optimization of silicon machining and soldering technologies for X-ray production. cooled synchrotron radiation monochromators. Main goal of this project is the development and optimization of the technology (including brazing technology) for the manufacturing of internally cooled x-ray crystal monochromators for the 3rd and 4th generation synchrotron sources. This includes the reduction of the slope error of diffracting crystallographic planes, introduced by technology, to less than 1 microradian. Our experience also shows that it is neccessary to increase the radiation resistivity of the monochromator. This includes the development of new brazing materials which will increase the lifetime of the monochromators. Also other types of monochromators (e.g. monochromators with curved or profiled diffracting surface) will be developed.