Groundbreaking research by Czech physicists

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Interview with Tomáš Jungwirth, the head of the Department of Spintronics and Nanoelectronics at the Academy of Science's Institute of Physics, about the findings from the groundbreaking research.

Radio Praha in English, 4. 5. 2018.

Experts from the Institute of Physics at the Czech Academy of Sciences recently made headlines with groundbreaking research in which they uncovered a method for data entry and storage in computing that is considerably faster than what is available at present. The team was able to prove that Spintronics based on antiferromagnets could enter data 1000 times faster than in common memory media. Their findings made a splash within the scientific community and it's easy to see why: it has the potential to fundamentally change computing years down the line. Not least in the area of AI research, if a neuromorphic hardware component is achieved.

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