Deepening and Broadening of Astraparticle Physics European Coordination 2 (ASPERA 2)


Astroparticle Physics has become a mature and well accepted science discipline. Demonstrated by many world class projects currently developed and run by European Astroparticle physicists, Europe as a whole is the main promoter and leading the field. As a merit of ASPERA (AStroparticle Physics European Research Area network, ), the ERA-NET in Astroparticle Physics funded in the context of FP6 for 3 years starting in July 2006, the community as well as the supporting funding agencies are becoming more and more organised. In order to allow a deepening and broadening of the successful ERA-NET work started with ASPERA in FP6, the extended consortium here presents a work programme for a second ERA-NET phase (ASPERA-2). Directly linked to the common action plan developed in ASPERA-1, the goals of ASPERA-2 are: 1. establish joint activities as the preferred way of funding R&D programmes and large projects, 2. establish sustainable procedures of mutual coordination and benchmarking, 3. create a sustainable structure for European Coordination in Astroparticle Physics, 4. extend the network to all European countries with interest in Astroparticle Physics, 5. increase the efforts towards global inter-regional coordination, 6. update the roadmap, 7. increase synergy with environmental sciences, 8. transfer knowledge and technology with SMEs, and 9. continue and extend outreach activities.

This project is financed by EU.

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