Preparation and properties of nanocrystalline diamond for photonic applications


The research will be undertaken into the basic research and optimization of thin nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) layers for photonics and optical sensor applications in near infrared region. A special care will be paid on growing optically smooth and transparent NCD layers to achieve low optical absorption and scattering. Optical signal coupling into planar waveguides will be achieved by prism coupling, taper waveguide, diffraction grating and as a novel tool a photoluminescence of embedded nanoparticles. Light propagation will be characterized by optical attenuation. The basic research and development of plasma grafting methods will be a part of the proposed project, as well as the systematic study of the chemical and physical properties of the surface infrared and photoluminescence spectroscopy. Finally, we will study the properties of NCD layers doped by laser active ions.