Nanostructured hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells (NANOCELL)


The international project will focus on the basic research of the optical, electrical and magnetic properties of the surface modified hybrid nanostructures suitable for application in the area of the new generation solar cells. Key research areas are sustainable use of resources including the use of renewable energies. The technology of the nanoparticle growth and the surface hybridization, will be developed further. The attention will be paid especially to the experimental and theoretical investigation of the processes of the transfer of electronic excitation energy and/or charge in the hybrid nanostructures, with the aim to clarify their electronic structure and the transfer processes in them. The activity of the Prague group at the Institute of Physics CAS in Prague will be closely coordinated with the research activities of common interests in the cooperating institutions at Konkuk University in Soul and in the Institute of Chemistry SAS in Bratislava to study the mechanism of the charge and energy transfer in the hybrid semiconductor nanostructures. The theoretical models of the charge transfer at the surface of the functionalized nanostructures will be compared with the microscopic and spectroscopic data obtained on the functionalized semiconducting nanoparticles.