Multifunctional and Mechanically Robust Porous Diamond with Large Electroactive Surfaces via Electrically Conductive and Insulating Templates for 3D Electrode Applications


For many applications to benefit from diamond-specific properties, approaches on fabrication of diamond beyond the common planar form in a practical and scalable manner are required today. To succeed in this direction, the diamond synthesis technology should meet the requirement of the large area coating  compatibility, such that porous or structured  diamond  coatings can be readily fabricated without limitations to their length/width dimensions.

In this study we demonstrate fabrication of porous boron-doped diamond (BDD) in freestanding form and on wafer-compatible sizes. Porous BDD electrodes deliver robust electrochemical stability and exceptional electrical characteristics. Aiming to utilize the full potential of diamond proper-ties, this study examines the impact of the BDD porous structure on the ability of electrodes to effectively remove organic pollutants from simulated waste-water and to provide enhanced sensitivity/selectivity of biologically active compounds.

Porous diamond enables effective electrochemical treatment of water pollutants and sensing of biomolecules.