Real space imaging of the electrostatic potential of a single molecule by means of Atomic Force Microscopy


Knowledge of charge redistribution within a single molecule adsorbed on surface has fundamental importance in many research fields. However, its precise experimental determination remains a challenge. The only available techniques, which have the potential to handle this task are related to the dynamic atomic force microscopy. Nevertheless, the current methods are experimentally demanding, with many interconnected obstacles. Therefore the primary aim of this project is to develop a new, effective experimental protocol to resolve the local electrostatic field by means of dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy on single molecules. We will use the nanoscopically functionalized probes of different effective charges to acquire high-resolution images of the selected molecules on surfaces and computationally evaluate the map of the electrostatic potential with a high resolution. The second part of the project will be a search for new chemically functionalized probes suitable for optimal imaging of the electrostatic field. Finally, by using this methodology, we will study the changes in the electrostatic field induced by light.