Manipulation and detection of magnetic states with collinear spin-split antiferromagnets (SPLITMAN)


We will experimentally demonstrate that a new class of antiferromagnets with spin-split electronic energy bands and vanishing magnetization can complement or replace ferromagnets in the detection and manipulation of magnetic states in spintronic devices. The project is based on our recent discovery of strongly polarized conserved spin-currents generated by these spin-split collinear antiferromagnets. We will demonstrate that our antiferromagnets can facilitate the prominent spintronic functionalities which were earlier thought to be exclusive merits of ferromagnets. Simultaneously, the introduction of antiferromagnets will increase robustness and decrease multilayer-material complexity of the devices. We will also show that semimetallic or semiconducting spin-split antiferromagnets open a prospect of efficient thermo-electric energy harvesting and magnetic imaging. Our international team has a previous track record of successful collaborations and the complementary expertise within the team ideally matches the objectives of the project.