Advanced experimental research of large area microwave plasma system for deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films


The project focuses on nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) growth by advanced linear antenna microwave plasma CVD process combined with plasma characterization and modelling. As the seeding layer, diamond nanoparticles or thin polymers will be employed. CVD growth parameters, i.e. pressure (0.06-5 mbar), gas composition (CH4/CO2/H2), microwave pulse (duty cycle/frequency) and substrate temperature, will be systematically varied to optimize the growth rate and NCD film quality (i.e. chemical purity, morphology, crystal size). In parallel to growth, pulsed surface microwave plasma in the linear antenna configuration will be characterized by time resolved electrostatic probe methods, optical emission measurements and measurements of total energy and ion fluxes.The novelty of project lies on computer modelling (Maxwell's equations coupled to plasma equations) of such microwave plasma system where process parameters and plasma characteristics are used as the input data. This fundamental research study will provide a complex view on NCD growth phenomena at low pressures over large areas.