Black metals for utilization in gas sensing devices


The proposed project focuses on a systematic research of Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensors with sensitive layers composed of black metals seeded with organic receptors (phthalocyanines and porphyrines). Such sensors are intended for detection of nitrogen-containing gaseous analytes including detection of explosive taggants. The basic idea is to apply black metals - as their mechanical parameters (shear modulus and acoustic impedance) are close to quartz - in synergy with small amount of organic substances, which fulfill the role of analyte-specific receptors. This approach will decrease the detection limit and enhance the selectivity of Quartz Crystal Microbalance sensor, but a high value of quality factor will remain preserved. Such non-conventional application of black metals requires Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy as a tool characterizing open volume defects contained in them. Finally, nanoscale parameters of sensitive layers will be correlated with macroscopic parameters of sensor device and general recommendations regarding composition of sensitive layer will be formulated.