Advanced materials for photovoltaics: substituted phthalocyanine organocomplexes


The project deals with basic research of substituted phthalocyanines for photovoltaics. It includes a systematic study of electrotransport (charge carrier concentration and mobility, transport band gap, diffusion length of excitons) and optical (optical band gap) material parameters and also deposition of thin films based on these materials by vacuum and wet processes. It is focused on a specific sub-group of compounds - phthalocyanines substituted with thiophene substituents and/or containing rare-earth metal central atoms. The project covers following areas: theoretical computations of molecular electronic structure, synthesis and purification of novel substances, characterization of their properties and deposition in the form of thin films. All the above mentioned properties will be tailored (by variation of chemical composition) with the feedback to usability in modern photovoltaics. As the project output, the results will be summarized, analysed, published in impacted journals and novel substances classified with respect to their applications in photovoltaics.