Novel thermoelectric, thermovoltaic, and phonoelectric heat conversion systems based on nitrides semiconductors


This project is focused on development of n-type and p-type semiconductors based on doped ScN and CrN materials for heat conversion applications. ScN presents an anomalously high thermoelectric power factor in the temperature range from 600 K to 800 K. Thermoelectric applications of this material are, however, limited to due to its high thermal conductivity. The main idea of this project is to dope the ScN structure with suitable element in order to reduce the thermal conductivity. This reduction will increase the thermoelectric figure of merit corresponding to the thermoelectric efficiency. Several doping elements will be tested in order to get n-type and p-type semiconductor with high values of thermoelectric efficiency. Superlattice structures based on nitride materials will be developed by alternating conductive layers and semiconductive layers with low thermal conductivity and high Seebeck coefficient. Finally, first developments of heat conversion modules will be performed by applying results obtained on tested materials