I am a student in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. The topic of my research is the generation of coherent XUV radiation by the process of high-order harmonic generation in inert gasses. Specifically, I am interested in advanced pumping scheme, where, as the pump of the process is not used the laser pulse alone, but together with other components as the radiation in THz region or the second harmonic of the initial laser. 
Together along with the main research activities, I am engaged in the graphic design of 3D models of opto-mechanical systems used for the purpose of our research group and their subsequent assembly and implementation to the real use. These are usually special systems used mainly for motorized positioning of optical components. 
Furthermore, I am also developing control systems together with software for control of used motorization, reading and evaluating camera references and implementation of automated sequences in complex systems for their easier control.
My interest widely used in my research is in design and 3D printing of many helpful items from plastic.

ORCID 0000-0002-4454-8268
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