Fluoride nanostructured thin films with significant optical and luminescent properties


The project proposes the preparation of nanostructured fluoride thin films with exceptional optical and luminescent properties using a combination of electron beam evaporation, pulsed laser deposition and an ion source. A suitable example is fluoride layers LaF3 or CaF2 doped with rare earth ions (RE) with nanometrically controlled distribution between sensitizer (eg Eu, Ce, Bi) and activator (eg Pr3 +, Er3 +) suitable for quantum conversion with theoretically up to 200% efficiency. The luminescent properties of RE ions in the fluoride matrix will also be improved by the use of plasmon structures. The advantageous properties of the fluoride matrix allow us, in addition to the? Classic? metals Ag and Au also preparation of nanoparticles suitable for the generation of surface plasmon in the UV spectral region, e.g. Al and Bi. The aim of the project is to study experimentally and theoretically the basic mechanisms responsible for the interconnection of metal nanoparticles and rare earth ions, which are currently not sufficiently known. At the end of the project, attention will be paid to the design, modeling and preparation of functional luminescent structures.