Physics and physical chemistry of soft matter, self-assembling materials, functional liquid crystalline (LC) materials, specifically reactive mesogens, low molar mass chiral and achiral LCs, macromolecular LCs, nanocomposites with LC behaviour as well as the photosensitive nanomaterials and LC nanostructures. The main fields of research interests are: chemical structure – physical property relationship for self-assembling and LC materials; cell fabrication and alignment; DSC; mixture/composite design and studies; characterisation of LC mesophases for new materials/monomers/polymers/elastomers/composites/mixtures; study of their basic parameters (polarisation; viscosity, tilt angle, switching time, helical pitch, etc.) by different experimental techniques; optic and electro-optic properties; POM; SAXS & WAXS; Raman spectroscopy; linear & non-linear broad-band dielectric spectroscopy.

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