Optimalizace vlastností grafenu dopováním substitučními příměsemi: teorie a experiment


The experimental discovery of graphene has triggered an unprecedented research activity, and has paved the way to explore the broad range of electronic properties attractive for both the fundamental physics and technology. Graphene based nano materials are promising candidates for future generation electronic circuits, sensors, the energy harvesting devices. They can play a key role for spintronics and related applications, such as the realization of spin qubits, for the novel ultra-high density magnetic recording media and spin-transfer torque based magnetic random-assess memories (MRAM). We propose combined theoretical and experimental study of graphene doped substitutionally by charge and spin carriers, and graphene intercalated magnetic transition metal layers in order to utilise and control the electronic and magnetic character of the material. Synergy of the advanced and highly precise experimental STM based techniques and the state-of-the-art theoretical calculations will allow to explore the material properties on the scale of individual atoms, and is important for the novel technological applications.