Preparation of pharmaceutical co-crystals and their structural characterization by combination of electron single-crystal and x-ray powder diffraction (Farmaceutické kokrystaly)


The most of APIs can occur in several different solid forms such as polymorphs, solvates, or co-crystals. Preparation of a new solid form of API may lead to an improvement of its properties. Due to this fact a substantial effort is dedicated to the so-called crystallization screening (CS) all over the world. Pharmaceutical co-crystals are a relatively new family of materials with a large potential, which have been little studied so far. The co-crystallization frequently results as a polycrystalline mixture of starting compounds and a prepared co-crystal. This hampers the structural analysis of the result and essentially it makes impossible the whole CS. In this project, we will prepare a set of new co-crystals of different APIs and we will solve their structures. For this purpose, we will combine advanced methods of electron diffraction (rotation and random diffraction tomography) together with X-ray powder diffraction. The results of this project will be applicable in chemistry and pharmacology of co-crystals and in structure analysis of organic mixtures.