Within the group RP4 of HiLASE I perform numerical modeling and carry out experiments related to the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with solid materials.

I deal mainly with fs and ps pulse duration in the intensity regimes of material modification (~TW/cm2), with metals, dielectrics and semi-conductors. The experiments I am involved in mainly target volumetric modifications of materials and laser induced structuring of material surfaces.

Beside I develop and perform numerical simulations to address the evolution of the material subsequent to laser irradiation. In particular I am investigating the temperature dynamics at the surface of the irradiated materials (two temperature model, optical properties, solid-liquid phase transition, free carrier generation). Models for stress generation and hydrodynamic motion (for example of the molten material) are under development.

These experiments and simulations help to understand and control better the laser action on various materials especially regarding the formation mechanisms of laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS).