Detection layers based on composites of organocomplexes with nanoparticles for chemical sensors


The project deals with the preparation of chemical sensors for the detection of gases with sensitive layers based on a nanocomposite of organic matter (phthalocyanine, copolymer of metallocene with polypyrrole) and metal nanoparticles. The active layers will be prepared by low-temperature evaporation technology in an ultra-high vacuum environment. Metal nanoparticles are prepared by magnetron sputtering or thermal evaporation. The deposited layers will be characterized in terms of: 1. chemical composition 2. structure 3. electrotransport behavior. 4. sensitivity to selected hazardous gases. The research will focus on the study of detection mechanisms through the analysis of structural properties, electrotransport behavior and electronic band structure of sensitive materials. The influence of nanoparticles and defects on the detection properties of the studied layers will be studied. Based on the material research, a set of sensors will be prepared at the end of the project to verify their sensitivity, selectivity and long-term stability.