Dr. Anabella Teresa Araudo


My research is focused on particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in the whole electromagnetic spectrum, from radio to gamma-rays. In particular, I have been working on shock acceleration and magnetic field amplification in relativistic and non-relativistic jets. I am particularly interested on the acceleration of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. I am also interested in laser plasma and laboratory astrophysics.  At ELI Beamlines I perform theoretical studies of astrophysical  
scenarios which, after suitable scaling, can be tested through laboratory experiments with the new generation of high-repetition Petawatt lasers. In collaboration with laser physicists we develop  new experimental platforms to perform experiments with astrophysical relevance.


araudo [at] fzu.cz
Dolní Břežany (ELI)

Dr. Anabella Teresa Araudo

The Stars at the Centre of the Milky Way – or “Enigmatic Rejuvenation”


The “red giants” are an interesting type of huge and bright stars for astronomers. They are considered old even from the cosmic perspective as they have been evolving over a long period of time. Surprisingly, there is only a few of them in the region near the centre of our Galaxy, where an increased presence of younger stars has been revealed instead. A study, proposing a process to explain this anomaly, co-authored by the researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences, has been published by The Astrophysical Journal.