Polaronic ferroelectric films for neuromorphic systems


Cílem projektu je základní porozumění a racionální řízení polaronické vodivosti ve feroelektrických perovskitových vrstvách. Abstrakt anglicky Brain-inspired artificial neuromorphic systems are crucial for emerging intelligent machines. Implementation of future systems, which can process huge volume of diverse data at low power consumption and concurrently perform sensing and actuation, is envisioned using memristortype devices. Pertinent devices have not yet been developed because of unknown adequate materials and mechanisms. In the project, it is suggested that charge transport by polarons in ferroelectrics may emulate neuromorphic behavior. The project will explore polaronic transport as well as effects of doping and substrate-induced nanoscale phenomena on this transport in thin films of archetypal perovskite oxide ferroelectrics. Synthesis of thin films with controllable strong variations of electrical conductivity will be elaborated and basic mechanisms of such conductivity will be elucidated. Project results will advance fundamental understanding of electronic and optical properties as well as nanoscale phenomena in ferroelectrics and related materials.