Study of electronic processes in molecular systems for organic


The project is focused on the combined experimental and theoretical study of electron processes in organic semiconductors associated with the optical excitation and subsequent energy and charge transfer on the molecular level. Several experimental and theoretical techniques will be used in order to elucidate relationship between molecular structure and energy and charge transfer processes induced by an optical excitation on molecular level. Ultrafast electron processes in newly prepared donor-acceptor systems will be investigated by means of the femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy. These findings will be combined with quantum chemical calculation of molecular conformations and electronic properties and steady-state structural (AFM, STM) and energetic (UPS) characterizations of thin layers. The obtained results will be used for development of the theoretical models of the charge carrier photogeneration and tansport. Finally, the studied molecular structures will be optimized in order to enhance desired electronic properties and the lab-scale photovoltaic cell will be prepared.