Nanoliposomes for development of recombinant vaccines and targetted immunotherapeutics


Recombinant vaccines represent new trend in vaccine development and new market segment. New potent and safe adjuvants and carriers are crucial for real progress in this area. The proposed project is focused on the application of modern nanotechnology, organic chemistry, proteomics and advanced ultrastructural methods for the preparation of adjuvants and carriers for the construction of potent and safe recombinant vaccines. New components (metallochelating lipids, cationic- and neoglycolipids, normuramylglycopeptides, functionalised dendrimers and biopolymers) will be prepared and used for the construction of nanoliposomes. Click-chemistry and metallochelating bonds will by applied for the construction of model recombinant vaccines. Theoretical studieswill be focused on 1) structural aspect of proteoliposomes and pDNA-liposome complexes and 2) correlation between the structure and in vitro/in vivo activity (particle-cell interaction, immunogenicity, safety profile) of the model vaccines. The protection of the effective components and structure will be provided by patent application.