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Organizační schéma FZÚ

Internal auditor FP&S Central Section Science secretary Sekretariat of the Director Scientific Library Dept. Na Slovance Computing and Networking Department Supervisory Board Director Institute Council Deputy Director Deputy Director for ELI and HiLASE Deputy Director for Targeted Research Administration Unit Personal and Payroll Department Finance Department Cost Accounting Department Supply and Transport Department Technical Department Deputy Director for Cukrovarnická Site Division of Elementary Particle Physics Dept. of Astroparticle Physics Dept. of Experimental Particle Physics Dept. of Particle Theory and Phenomenology Dept. of detector development and data processing Division of Condensed Matter Physics Dept. of Magnetic Measurements and Materials Dept. of Dielectrics Dept. of Material Analysis Dept. of Functional Materials Dept. of Condensed Matter Theory Dept. of Chemistry Division of Solid State Physics Dept. of Semiconductors Dept. of Spintronics and Nanoelectronics Dept. of Structure Analysis Dept. of Magnetics and Superconductor Dept. of Thin Films and Nanostructures Dept. of Optical Materials Scientific Library Dept. Cukrovarnická Dept. of Mechanical Workshops Cukrovarnická Administration Unit Cukrovarnická Division of Optics Dept. of Analysis of Functional Materials Dept. of Optical and Biophysical Systems Dept. of Low-Temperature Plasma Joint Laboratory of Optics Dept. of Optical and Mechanical Workshops Na Slovance Division of High Power Systems Dept. of Radiation and Chemical Physics HiLASE Centre Dept. of Technical Support ELI Beamlines Project Division Dept. of Laser Systems Dept. of Experimental Programmes Beamlines Dept. of System Engineering Dept. of Construction and Design Support Dept. of Financing and Monitoring Dept. of Procurement and Logistics Dept. of Project Management Dept. of Technology Transfer

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