Multidomain ordered metal–ferroelectric superlattices


By combination of advanced experimental techniques and phase-field simulations, we found that electric dipoles in superlattices, composed of layers of a ferroelectric material separated by thin metallic spacers, form an unusual pattern of nanoscale domains that order in three dimensions. These ferroelectric multidomain ordered superlattices exhibit an outstanding dielectric response and their engineered modulated structural and electronic properties can be controlled using electric field.

Two-dimensional base motif of the ferroelectrically ordered superlattices
Two-dimensional base motif of the ferroelectrically ordered PbTiO3–SrRuO3 superlattices as seen by (a-d) phase-field simulations and (e,f) transmission electron microscopy: (a) electric polarization showing ferroelectric domain structure in two PbTiO3 layers separated by SrRuO3 spacers (b) gradient energy density coming from domain walls and boundaries between layers, (c-f) in-plane (exx) and out-of-plane (ezz) strain components demonstrating correlations between ferroelectric PbTiO3 layers. The arrows in (a,b) panels show direction of electric polarization forming characteristic flux-closure patterns.

Contact person: Jiří Hlinka