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Selected results of department 91

The rate of laser ablation at irradiances of 2 x 1014 W/cm2 of solid iron has been measured using the transmission of a neonlike zinc x-ray laser at 21.2 nm through thin iron targets.

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We have focused the beam of currently the most powerful soft x-ray laser at 21 nm using a spherical Mo:Si multilayer mirror. The energy density within the 40 micron x 60 micron focal spot was 48 J /cm2, which corresponds to radiation peak intensity of 5 x 1011 W/cm2.

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We have developed so far the most energetic X-ray laser at 21 nm. The unique parameters of this half-cavity based X-ray laser such as record output energy of 10 mJ, highly symmetric beam, robustness and reproducibility, have made it possible to carry out a number of multidisciplinary scientific projects featuring novel applications of intense coherent X-ray radiation. The whole text »