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Research subjects at department 27

  • Modeling of formation of new stable phase from the supersaturated vapor, solution or supercooled melt by homogeneous or heterogeneous nucleation proces.
  • Kinetic of formation of new phase nuclei in closed systems.
  • Nucleation on active centers.
  • Controlled nucleation on nanofibers.

Research team: Pavel Demo, Zdeněk Kožíšek, Jan Kulveit (PhD student), Mária Domnkos (PhD student)

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Preparation of new materials (halides, oxides, phosphate glasses) of quality and purity and study of their optical properties with prospective applications for radiation detectors (scintillators) and solid state lasers (operating in mid IR region).

Crystal growth of high temperature oxides by micro-pulling-down method and of halide materials by vertical Bridgman method.

Study of thermal properties of prepared materials using methods of thermal analysis, e.g. determination of phase transitions in crystalline solids and glass properties.

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Optical and photoelectrical spectroscopy of solar cell materials (amorphous silicon, amorphous silicon nitrides, oxides and carbides, nanocrystalline silicon, microcrystalline silicon, ZnO, SnO2, perovskites).

Optical model CELL – Monte Carlo modeling of quantum efficiency spectra of thin film silicon solar cells (single or multiple junctions).  The whole text »

  • Optical, luminescence and EPR spectroscopy of wide band-gap solids in the form of single crystals, thin films, glasses, pwders, optical ceramics and composite materials.
  • Scintillation characteristics under high energy excitation.
  • Spectroscopy of point defects, trap states in the forbidden gap, energy transfer processes in the luminescence and scintillation mechanisms.
  • Modification of the optical properties of solid states due to quantum size effect.
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  • Measurement of the hydrogen content at solid surfaces by elastic peak electron spectroscopy. Determination of the attenuation length at the solid surfaces.
  • Assesment of the atomic structure of solid surfaces by photoelectron diffraction and low energy electron diffraction.
  • Characterization of solid surfaces by UV and X-ray induced photoelectron spectroscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy.
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