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Research subjects at department 25

In our laboratory, we use cold cylindrical Langmuir probe for precise spatial and temporal measurements of basic plasma parameters i.e. plasma potential, floating potential, plasma density and mean electron energy.

Besides, we developed the calorimeter probe suitable for application in all the plasma systems. Since the calorimeter probe enables to measure absolute value of the total energy flux density, this probe is utilized for measurements of energy conditions on the substrate during deposition process.

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The research deals with the design of the so-called hierarchic multi-layers systems with the assumed final functionality utilized for microelectronics and/or photovoltaics.

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At present time we are preparing a ferroelectrics thin films of BaxSr1-xTiO3 (BSTO) on a silicon substrate by a low pressure UHV plasma jet system with a hollow cathode and plasma jet channel.  The whole text »