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Seminars and workshops of department 23

Workshop / Monday, 01.07.2019 to Thursday, 04.07.2019

The four-day workshop will bring together theorists and experimenters who work on strongly correlated nanosystems adsorbed on surfaces, or on strongly correlated electrons in general. The aim of the event is to exchange ideas and discuss perspectives and future directions of characterization and description of strongly correlated nanosystems. The topics will include:

  • single-atom and single-molecule magnets, magnetic anisotropy
  • transport through nanostructures in and out of the linear-response regime
  • tuning the electronic properties via interaction with external
  • ...

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Seminář / Tuesday, 25.06.2019 15:00

Abstract: Design and fabrication of electronic and optoelectronic devices require accurate knowledge of the optical constants of all materials in the device. For fabrication, thickness and properties of device layers need to be characterized. To predict performance of optical devices, we also need to know the optical constants (absorption coefficient and refractive index) of all materials. Spectroscopic ellipsometry has been the metrology method of choice in the semiconductor industry for many years, but current applications only scratch the surface of the potential...

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Seminář / Monday, 24.06.2019 14:00

Abstract: Topological insulators (TIs) are fascinating materials due to their protected edge-states and their possibilities for spintronic applications. Spin-orbit coupling and exchange effects at interfaces give us a possibility to tailor the properties of two-dimensional (2D) topological materials. While magnetism is usually detrimental to the topological properties, we show that exchange interactions offer the possibility to realize a variety of new phases depending on the structural symmetry and the direction of the magnetic (exchange) field. Using density functional...

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