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Working groups of department 25

The research group is focused on development of new diagnostic methods of low-temperature plasma. Main direction is reactive low-temperature plasma applied on various technological application (PVD, PECVD, Plasma ALD) of thin films deposition. Studied diagnostics methods are used directly during deposition process. The group leader is Mgr. Martin Čada, Ph.D.  The whole text »

The group is focused on the research of plasma deposition techniques for preparation of various types of thin films, multilayer structures and nanostructures. These are a new PVD and PECVD plasma methods such as multinozzle system of pulse hollow cathodes for fast reactive sputtering, pulsed reactive HIPIMS magnetron systems and microwave multinozzle PECVD plasma system with a surface wave.  The whole text »

The group is focused on the research of deposition of thin films and nanostructures by combination of chemical methods (sol-gel, electrodeposition, anodization, etc.) and plasma methods. The goal are structures based on metal oxides (Co3O4 etc), for catalytic applications. The group leader is Ing. Petra Kšírová, Ph.D.  The whole text »

The group is focused on experimental research of properties of thin films and surfaces by surface acoustic waves, acoustic emission and by measurement of nanomechanical properties (nanohardness etc.). Experiments are compared with the results of numerical modeling The group leader is RNDr. Lubomir Jastrabík, PhD.  The whole text »