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Laboratories of Department 28

Mass spectroscopy

EQP 500 HIDEN Analytical Mass Spectrometer
  • orifice with input diameter 100 - 300 μm,
  • mass spectra range 0 - 500 amu
- Residual gas analyses   The whole text »

HV chamber equipped four magnetrons

(diameter of 4 inch of each) for preparation of multilayered structures, DC, pulsed DC or RF magnetron power
in-situ spectral reflectometry and ellipsometry for measurement of thickness and refractive indices  The whole text »

Mgr. Martin Vondráček, Dr. Vladimír Cháb, Ing. Kateřina Horáková, Dr. Stanislav Cichoň

NanoESCA - ultra high vacuum Photo Electron Emission Microscopy (PEEM) system with resolution for real-space and momentum-space imaging and spectroscopy
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Dr. Ladislav Fekete, Mgr. Martin Golan

Dimension Icon - ambient AFM microscope - Bruker company , measuring in PeakForce mode providing quantitative or contrast information of Young modulus, adhesion, dissipation and deformation in addition to standard topography (up to 8 channels with 5120 x 5120 points can be measured simultaneously). In the PeakForce mode the tip is oscillating at 2 kHz and the electronics is fast enough to measure in each point force curves from which the nanomechanical properties of the samples can be established.
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Dr. Vitalii Stetsovych

No contacting metal tip over a conducting surface, tunneling current between the sample and tip

  • Constant current mode- changing the position/height of the tip over the surface –image of the surface, atomic precision
  • Constant height mode- changing the voltage between the tip and the sample - scanning tunneling spectrum

VT-STM by Omicron
Conductive Samples, atomic resolution
Working temperature range: 50K - 300 K;
LHe or LN2 cryostat;   The whole text »

Dr. Jan Fikáček

Magneto‑optical Kerr effect (MOKE): When linearly polarized light reflects from a magnetized surface, the plane of polarization rotates from its original direction. The information depth of the MOKE is 10-15 nm in metals.

The setup is moreover equipped with electrical wireing (8 connections) for transport measurements in a 4-point geometry. 2 additional shielded cables allow to couple high frequency signals, e.g. for surface acoustic waves or other applications.

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