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Laboratories of Department 27

Experimental equipment:
  1. Absorption and transmission spektrophotometer Shimadzu 3101 PC. Two-beam apparatus, 190-2500 nm. Reflection spectra, integration sphere accessory.
  2. UV-VIS luminescence spectrofluorometer 199S, Edinburgh Instrument. Excitation and emission spectra 200-800 nm. Decay kinetics measurements in the 0.1 ns - 1 s time scale. Excitation by hydrogen and deuterium lamps, X-ray tube.  The whole text »

The research program is focused on the study of:

  • Intrinsic, impurity, radiation and light-induced paramagnetic-active defects in solids;
  • Physical properties of thin films and nanomaterials;
  • Local structure and dynamics of relaxors and disordered ferroelectrics;
  • Physical properties of new magnetoelectric materials, multiferroics and materials for spintronics.  The whole text »

Research team: Jan Pejchal, Robert Král, Karel Nitsch, Antonín Cihlář, Petra Zemenová, Aleš Bystřický

  • Search and preparation of materials - crystals, nanostructures, and glasses - of high quality and purity with interesting optical properties and with their possible application as laser hosts operating in mid-IR region, as radiation detectors of neutrons, gama, and X-rays in industrial and medical application.
  • Preparation of model crystalline systems for luminescence mechanism studies.
  • Thermal analysis study of properties of s  The whole text »

The properties of the solid surfaces are investigated by electron spectroscopy methods at Electron spectroscopy laboratory (ESL). The laboratory is equipped with two spectrometers. The ADES 400 (Angular distribution electron spectrometer) photoelectron spectrometer (VG Scientific) was bought in 1980 (Fig. 1). The second one, AXIS Supra (Fig. 2), was delivered by Kratos Analytical Ltd. at the end of 2014.

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Core facilities of Laboratory of diamond thin films and carbon nanostructures consist of two unique microwave deposition systems Aixtron P6 and Roth & Rau AK 400. Both deposition systems represent a microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition. At present time, the system Aixtron P6 is routinely used for growth of nanocrystalline diamond thin films (NCD) (Fig. 1).

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Experimental equipment:
  1. Aparatura CPM (constant photocurrent method) Měření spekter optické absorpce v amorfních, nanokrystalických a mikrokrystalických tenkých vrstvách polovodičů (a-Si, μc-Si pro sluneční články, ...)
  2. FTPS (Fourier transform photocurrent spectroscopy) apparatus.  The whole text »