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New physics at the intensity frontier

Monday, 21.05.2018 14:00

Speakers: Maksym Ovchinnokov (Leiden University)
Place: Seminar room n. 117, Institute of Physics, Pod vodárenskou věží 1, Prague 8
Presented in English
Organisers: Department of Particle Theory and Phenomenology
It is well-known that the Standard Model of particle physics does not explain dark matter, neutrino masses and matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe and therefore has to be extended. This means that there should exist some new particles that are either too heavy to be found before (the “energy frontier”) or interact too feebly (the “intensity frontier”). In the absence of a good guiding principle predicting where we should look for new physics, we consider the so-called “portals” — renormalizable interactions between new particles and the Standard Model. We review these portals and their phenomenology at the “intensity frontier” (in particular at SHiP). We pay special attention to the searches of dark matter particle through these portals and discuss the cosmological status of “light dark matter”.